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QUESTION: Can new cabinets help me sell my house?
ANSWER: YES. Updating your kitchen and bathroom(s) is one of the best ways to help sell your house faster. A lot has changed in the past 5 years. It is a “buyers market” out there, which means there are many more homes for sale then there are buyers to buy them. Houses today can sit for sale for several months to a few years. So as a seller you need to do everything you can to make your home more attractive to the buyers. Kitchens and Baths always have been, and continue to be an important factor in buying and selling a home.
As a home owner you’ll need to decide how much updating needs to be done. You could freshen up your kitchen and baths with new countertops and hardware, or remodel the whole room with new cabinetry and an updated layout. The more you can do, the better your chances of selling that house sooner rather than later. Stop into our showroom and talk to one of our friendly designers. We will be happy to discuss your options with you, and give you free estimates for your project.

QUESTION: Do you have any products for closets?
ANSWER: Yes, we have Life Span Closet Systems. Life Span Closets is a white board, open architecture closet system. Open architecture means that it can be easily taken down, rearranged and reassembled very easily and quickly. The secret is that everything hangs on two back rails that are mounted to your walls. This system is available in 14" and 18" deep shelves, and the shelves can span up to 72"! Some of the acessories for these closets include shelf towers, double hanging rods, rollout baskets, and hampers. This is not ony great for getting your closets organized, but they also work in the garage, pantry, and any other storage room in your home. Did I mention this system is easy to install, and is inexpensive. In fact, the cost of this system is similar to that of wire systems, and is much more usuable, and looks so much nicer. If you have any storage or closet needs, stop in to our showroom and see our display and talk to one of our designers.

QUESTION: In today's economy, what is the top priority in today's homes?
ANSWER: According to a survey done by Better Homes and Gardens in January, 2008, the number one priority is a new kitchen "that looks great and is fun to work in." This should not be a big surprise as we all know that it is kitchens and baths that most improve the marketability in the resale of your home.
The second response in the survey is "the right amount and type of customized storage." I definitely agree with this response and would like to let the consumer know that we have acquired a closet system that is very affordable and can be customized to fit any need in your home.
Whether you are looking for a closet system or storage in a laundry, garage, or any other room in your home, come and visit us about the new closet system we have available.

QUESTION: What is the latest in kitchens?
ANSWER: According to the latest Nation’s Building News magazine, living large is the latest in kitchen design. Having an open floor plan with multiple work stations, higher ceilings, a great color palette and more natural light is what is being built today.
Work zones in the kitchen are growing in both size and number. There can be multiple places to work in a kitchen such as an island, which may also include a sink for prep work.
The latest in cabinetry is moving to darker and richer look. Maple and cherry are dominating with wood species because of their rich looks. Another visual appeal is the varied depth and height of cabinets; this is in both wall cabinets and base cabinets. Think of hardware as your kitchens jewelry, it sets the theme in your kitchen.
Don’t be afraid to use color in your kitchen, it can enhance the architecture and cabinetry. It also makes a focal point for the room and kitchens are a huge focal point in a house.
If you combine well planned spaces with trendy products to create the room, it will not just take your breath away, but also everyone who walks into the space. Everything that we have talked about today is on display in our new showroom. If you have any questions stop in and talk to one of our designers.

QUESTION: How do I choose the right color of cabinets and countertops for me?
ANSWER: Color is about visual relationships and what makes our world vibrant. That means choosing colors is generally the last and most difficult choice when making design decisions. It’s always easier to work on the space, the plan, the shape, and all the details of a project in a black-and-white world before considering color.
In nature, color follows the seasons and geography. Color is ­constantly changing in the natural world and, yet, is relatively static in our homes. We alter our dress to accommodate the seasons and ­fashion dictates the latest color trends. However, we usually don’t change our wall colors to match the seasons, nor do we change our cabinets and countertops.
According to Kitchen & Bath Design News, they believe nature’s ­colors are the most appealing. They say using bright, intense colors may at first be spectacular but soon become outdated and wearisome.

QUESTION: I am thinking of remodeling my kitchen, what are the advantages and where do I begin?
ANSWER: One of the most common home improvement projects in the U.S. is kitchen remodeling. When asked which room in their house they would most like to remodel, Americans overwhelmingly chose the kitchen. That’s a good choice, because kitchen remodeling has the highest average return on investment when selling your house. According to a report by MSN House and Home, kitchen remodeling projects generally payback at least 90% of the investment and almost always help sell a house faster. So by remodeling today you can enjoy your new kitchen for several months or years to come, knowing you will recoup nearly all of the costs if you should decide to sell.
So where do you start? First you have to decide the scope of the remodel. Do you want to merely spruce things up by changing countertops and hardware, or go for a complete makeover by redesigning the floor plan and starting from scratch, or somewhere in between. You should sit down with a qualified kitchen designer to discuss your budget and tastes, by doing so you will have a much better understanding of the scope of your project.
The center island is the most popular feature homeowners want included in their remodeled kitchen. Most homeowners who have had an island would never again be without one. The island can be used as second work station, it allows for extra storage, and acts as a casual eating area. North Country Kitchens can help with all of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs. Stop in and see us today!

QUESTION: What are the advantages of having your cabinets installed by a qualified installer?
ANSWER: Cabinets of today are very detailed and expensive. Therefore, the correct and proper installation of your cabinetry is very important. Most of the better cabinet companies will have installation specifications that must be met so as not to void the warranty.
Many things have to be taken into consideration when installing cabinets. Knowledge of industry standards such as, height of cabinets and walk way distances is essential. Another very important item is that the cabinets are level and plumb so doors and drawers work properly. Removal of the doors and drawers before installation is very important so there is no damage. A good installer will be sure that all crowns and moldings will be perfectly mitered; all face frames are aligned properly, and countertops are scribed and sanded to fit the walls. When reattaching the doors and drawers, they must be adjusted properly. At North Country Kitchens we take pride in knowing we will install your kitchen right the first time, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

QUESTION: What wood species are available for cabinetry and what are their characteristics?
ANSWER: Cherry is a premium hardwood admired for its rich, beautiful color, satiny smooth ­texture and uniform grain pattern. Color ranges from red to brown to vanilla.
Hard Maple is a premium hardwood known for its creamy white color, smooth texture, and uniform grain. Color is consistent ­overall but may exhibit subtle variations from creamy white to a light tan.
Hickory hardwood is known for its prominent grain and dramatic color variation which can range from creamy white to dark brown/black within the same panel. This color variation is characteristic of the species and is completely random.
Knotty Alder is a smooth hardwood with a straight grain pattern and coloring similar to cherry, ranging from a light honey color to a reddish-brown hue. However, because of the prevalence of knots, it is appreciated for its rustic, informal appearance.
Lyptus is a plantation-grown, premium hardwood desired for its rich, beautiful color and fine grain texture similar to Mahogany. Lyptus is available with darker stain colors to temper some of this natural color variation. Lyptus is a dense and heavy hardwood that darkens (mellows) with age and exposure to sunlight.
Northern Red Oak is a hardwood recognized for its prominent grain pattern and texture which will vary from a tight, straight grain to a distinctive arched pattern. Color can range from light to medium brown with red hues.
Quarter-Sawn Red Oak is a premium hardwood that is admired for its distinctive grain pattern which became especially ­popular with Arts and Crafts furniture design. “Quarter-sawn” refers to the manner in which the wood is cut from the log that creates a ­consistent, straight grain pattern with an intriguing “fleck” across the grain.
Rustic Wood - Many of the above wood species are also available in Rustic Grade — meaning they will have many knots which will vary in size and shape.

QUESTION: I think it’s time to remodel my kitchen, but how can I know for sure?
ANSWER: If you are asking yourself this question then it is probably time. When considering remodeling your kitchen here are a few questions to ask yourself.
Do I have adequate space? Are you satisfied with your current amount of counter space, cabinet space, and floor space? Is the position of your refrigerator or shape of your counters taking away from a useful area?
Am I happy with the traffic flow in my kitchen? If there’s more than one cook in your household, you may want to consider making more room around the main workspace. If you enjoy entertaining, you may want to open up the kitchen to other rooms, which will allow for more social interaction.
How many people are in my household? Depending on weather or not you have children, and their ages, your kitchen may need to be remodeled. Dated appliances and the set up of your kitchen can be hazardous for young kids. If you are in the process of extending your family, you may want more room for cooking larger meals, and lower cabinets for easier access to children’s food. Another thing you should do when considering remodeling your kitchen is, make a checklist of the major and minor problems you have with your current kitchen. Keep notes on the features you like and dislike the most. This way when it comes time to sit down with a qualified designer, they’ll know how to suit your needs, tastes and style.

QUESTION: What is Lead Time?
ANSWER: Lead time refers to the amount of time it takes to build the cabinets. Basically it is the amount of time between ordering and installing of the cabinets. Lead times generally fluctuate between 3 and 5 weeks throughout the year. Generally there are longer lead times in the summer due to all of the new construction going on. Knowing lead times is important when you are remodeling or building. If you do not order your cabinets far enough in advance, your whole project could get held up and fall behind schedule. For new construction I recommend you order your cabinets as soon as the framing is done. Which means you should be working on the kitchen design well before then.

QUESTION: I am tired of the way my kitchen looks, what can I do to change it?
ANSWER: The obvious thing would be to remodel the whole kitchen. Tear out all the old stuff and start over from scratch. This is the most practical way to do it, but it doesn’t always fit within everyone’s budget. Many people remodel their kitchen in phases.
They will spread it out, cabinets and countertops one year, appliances and flooring the next. If you remodel this way it is important to do the cabinets first and the flooring later. If you do the flooring first the new floor will butt up to the old cabinets. When you remove the old cabinets there will be no new floor underneath them. You will need to cover these spaces with the new cabinets, limiting you to keeping the same cabinet layout. Having a new layout will make your new kitchen even more enjoyable. For those of you who have to wait a few years, but want that quick fix now. I would suggest changing out your countertops. It is unbelievable what a dramatic difference can be made to the look of a kitchen by doing something as simple and inexpensive as changing the countertops.
We invite you to stop in our showroom and discuss your kitchen remodeling needs.

QUESTION: I am having my kitchen remodeled. How should I prepare to make it easier for me and my Family?
ANSWER: This is a great question. Depending on the scope of your remodel you could be without a kitchen for several days to several weeks. Being without a kitchen is inconvenient and can be stressful for families. Here are some tips to help things go easier.
1) Pack everything from your kitchen into boxes as though you were moving. Completely empty the kitchen.
2) Seal any open doorways in the construction zone with plastic. This will help prevent dust from getting into other parts of your home.
3) Set up a temporary makeshift kitchen. Near a bathroom or laundry room is ideal, so you can have access to a sink. Have a table and move your fridge and microwave into this area if possible.
4) Stock up on basic supplies. Plastic utensils, paper cups and plates make clean up easy. Stock your fridge with drinks, sandwich meats, and BBQ foods. Your outdoor grill will be used on a regular basis during the remodel.
5) Eat out. Now would be a great time to try out a new restaurant. Being organized will help you keep your sanity until the construction space of your new dream kitchen is done.

QUESTION: is it really that important to have a well designed kitchen in the home?
ANSWER: Yes it is even more so today than ever before. Today’s kitchen is the most utilized, multi-tasked space in the entire house. Today’s kitchen is where life happens. It’s a cooking and dining room, baking center, mudroom, bill paying center, wine bar, home office and more. Often it is the entry point of the home, so things get dropped off in or near it. Yet it must be a comfortable space for home owners and their visitors to congregate and socialize. Today’s kitchens are filled with memories and memorabilia - treats and souvenirs from travels, family heirlooms, wedding gifts and photos.
It’s also not just for adults. The kitchen is a place for caregiving, nurturing and interconnecting among social groups and generations. It is not uncommon for cabinets to store items for interacting with children such as toys and games.
Considering all of the uses for your kitchen, you can see why having it properly designed is so important. Stop in and visit our showroom where we can discuss all of your kitchen needs.

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